Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 4 without my iPhone

Sunday is not usually an overly productive day for me, so I wouldn't be using my iPhone for anything more than social networking today normally. Therefore, you'd think I wouldn't miss it more than yesterday or the day before.

But: for the first time since giving up the iPhone on Thursday morning, I went to the UPS website to see of I could track the progress of at least the delivery of the phone back to Apple. It turns out the phone arrived at Apple HQ in the UK on Friday afternoon. So it's in safe hands, and hopefully it will be examined during office hours tomorrow. I couldn't resist checking on it any longer, so although I am managing (albeit in a very slow, awkward and off-puttingly tedious way)without it, I clearly have a longing to get it back.

Couple of apps I missed today: weather apps.

I use two weather apps, Irish Weather and Weather+ Free. Both are free. The Irish Weather app gives a very detailed province-by-province forecast, whereas the Weather+ Free app gives a more summarised forecast and current conditions. I find Weather+ Free is handy when traveling, as you can easily add cities to customise the app to display the conditions wherever you are around the globe.

This morning I was wondering whether I should get fuel for the lawnmower, on the off-chance that the weather would clear up enough to cut the grass. Usually I'd have a quick look at one of the weather apps to help me decide, but without the iPhone today I didn't have that opportunity. As it turned out, the weather was quite showery and I couldn't get out to cut the lawn, so it's a moot point in this case!

I'm beginning to really miss a few of the games I played on the iPhone too, but I'll get to those in another post.

Tomorrow will be a big test, when I am back at work and I start missing my productivity apps. More to follow....

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