Saturday, 6 August 2011

Day 3 without my iPhone

Day 3, and I'm doing okay without the iPhone. I haven't become too grumpy to live with, and I haven't shriveled away into a sobbing heap in the corner of a room.

One app that I really could have done with earlier today was Teamviewer. It's available on the iPad too, but when I was out and about I didn't have the iPad with me. Essentially what the app does is it allows you to remotely access any computer that you have the program running on.

I have it running on my office computer, so any time I need to get a file from there, I just log on to my iPhone and the phone screen mirrors the monitor of my office desktop. I then have access to not only the files, but also the programs on the desktop.

So, on occasion, I have actually run AutoCAD on my iPhone, although technically the program was running on my desktop, using it's RAM and processor speed. The only thing that might, literally, slow you down on the iPhone is if you have a slow internet connection, because that's how it connects to your remote computers. So it won't work unless you have decent 3G or wi-fi coverage.

Another possible annoyance is the size of the iPhone screen. This is where Teamviewer for iPad comes in handy: the real estate of the larger screen makes navigation around the remote monitor much easier.

The app itself is free, although if you use it for commercial purposes you are informed that you should purchase the Pro version (currently €80). I use my version for personal use only, so for a free app it's extremely powerful.

So while I was out and about today, I needed to look up a phone number. Normally I'd have had that information to hand on the iPhone, but today I didn't have the option of going online, connecting to my office desktop, and looking up the number.

As with most of my gripes so far, the reason why I miss the iPhone can be summed up as "convenience". So far, I've managed to get around most of the bits and bobs that I've missed, but at a much much slower pace. I've only just been able to look up that number now that I've arrived home, but I needed it 3 hours ago, and if I had had my iPhone, I wouldn't have had to wait.

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