Tuesday, 26 July 2011

MobileRSS (iPhone and iPad)

I use the free version of this app, although you can remove the adverts in a version that currently costs €2.39

One of the most useful things about this reader is that you can set up multiple accounts, and so you can follow as any number of users. It can synchronize with all the usual reader formats, and in the month or so that I've been using it, it hasn't had any issues with not being able to sync.

You can easily set up folders for different types of feed categories, which is handy. It means that the main screen doesn't get cluttered if you have a good number of subscriptions.

It's really easy to set up accounts and settings (for example, you can set the app to only download images if the device is connected via wi-fi), and it automatically downloads the feeds so that they can be read even when you are offline.

One of the other great features is the forwarding options available. For example, you can forward feeds to all the usual formats, including emailing a link, Instapaper, ReadItLater, Evernote, Facebook and Twitter. Very handy for sharing good stories. And all of the above are configurable, so if you have a Facebook account set up within the app, it'll make the sharing seamless.

Hard to fault this app, really. I've tried a few other readers, but this one is just about the best one I've come across, particularly seeing as it's free!


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