Thursday, 21 July 2011

Friendly for Facebook (iPad)

This is just about the best way to experience facebook on an iPad. For now, anyway. Apparently a native facebook app is being worked on at present, and it remains to be seen if that will be better.

As an alternative, you can always log on to the full website using Safari, or the slightly more cut down mobile version at

But what Friendly does better than either of the solutions using Safari, is the easy navigation and clear layout. In most cases, there is no need to pinch to zoom items, whereas this is nearly always necessary in the Safari solutions.

Viewing photos on Friendly is very easy and intuitive. Adding photos from the albums on the iPad is very easy too.

All the usual buttons from the web version are there, but when you press the "game" button, the app flings you into the web version, and the flash games don't work on the iPad, of course. The game button is a waste of space in the app for that reason alone.

Things like events, places, groups and notes are all present and correct. You can edit your profile within the app to (unlike the google+ iPhone app), which is handy for making changes.

It's really easy to set up multiple users for the app too, so you can switch between up to 4 different facebook accounts very quickly.

I have found that it trips out occasionally, so there's obviously a bug somewhere in there still. This can be annoying, and it means starting the app up again from the springboard.

Overall 8/10

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