Friday, 12 August 2011

Got a replacement iPhone!

Apple customer service and repair/replace service are second to none, in my experience. As you know, I was sans-iPhone for 6 days. Considering the phone had to be shipped to and from another country and there was a weekend during those 6 days, that's pretty quick service. They obviously found the fault with my old handset, and a brand new one was delivered to me early on Wednesday morning.

And that explains why I haven't blogged in a few days....I was busy re-acquainting myself with the phone. Setting it up to replace my old one was a piece of cake, as I had backed-up my old one before handing it over. So iTunes did all the work for me, really.

One app I have used a lot since getting the iPhone back is GW Mail. It's a native app for the Novell Groupwise email server. Not everyone will need this app, but if you use Groupwise at all, then you should consider it.

At €4.99, this is not cheap for what it does, but it makes life a whole lot easier if you want to access your Groupwise mail account on your iPhone (it works on iPad too). It presents in a very clean and uncluttered manner all of the folders that you have on your desktop Groupwise view. There is a "mobile" version that you can view in Safari (or any other browser), but the controls are small and fiddly. If you access the full web version on your mobile device, the screen mimics the desktop version and has so much going on that it's difficult to navigate.

 So GW Mail sits in the middle between a fiddly cut-down version and a cluttered web version of the full program. It allows you to very simply view your inbox (this can be set as the default opening screen, reply to mails, compose a new mail (it's a button that appears discreetly on all screens) and switch between folders.

One omission from the app is the Groupwise Calendar function. I don't use that much on my desktop version, so it's not a big issue for me that it's not in the app. However, if you really want the Calendar function, the GW Mail developers have another app called GW Calendar that looks decent enough. As I said, I don't use it. so I can't say much about it. It currently costs €2.99, so to get both basically costs €8, which in my opinion is a lot. I'd imagine it would be possible to combine the Calendar and Mail functions into one cheaper app.


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