Friday, 29 July 2011

Classes - Timetable (iPhone)

Classes is a timetable app, and it looks after that function very well. I tried out several timetable apps before settling on this one. This currently costs 79cent, but it works better than other free timetable apps.

Some nice things about it include a landscape view that shows the whole week at a glance. When you open the app first, it shows a day-view and a countdown timer to the start of the next class. Entering the details about the classes takes a bit of time, if you want to include ALL of the details such as teacher name, location, type of class (lecture/turorial/practical etc.), and notes about each subject. But if you only want the bare essentials (name, location, time), then the timetable can be built up reasonably quickly.

There is great flexibility in adding new types of classes (for example if you want to add "workshop" as a class type, then you can, even though it's not one of the pre-defined class types).

Students might get more out of this app than teachers, as it allows students to enter details about assignment deadlines and homework for each subject. Not that useful for teachers, the way it's set up, but you could use that function to some degree. Also, the field for adding details about the teacher for each subject is not much good if you're the teacher.

I find it very handy at the start of each term, as it allows me to have my timetable with me and accessible when I'm still trying the learn the new routine.

The one missing feature, that would make this app perfect, is a journalling function. I like to keep notes of where I finish each lecture so that I know where to pick-up next time around, and currently I use a diary app for this. If Classes had that function, it would mean I could keep my timetable and records of progress all in one place. I've asked the developer to add this in, so it remains to be seen if an update will have this feature. You can make notes on each class session, but the notes are repeated every week, kind of locked in to that session, so it doesn't really work as a journal.

If they put the journal in it would get 10/10. As it is, it's 7/10 (and that's easily the best timetable app I've downloaded)

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